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E. WILLIAMS is the first author on the Payroll Publishing roster.WILLIAMS began writing while studying for his bachelor’s degree.He earned his bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from WSU in 2008.Now WILLIAMS is a full-time writer and currently resides in Detroit.




             I have always been a man who tried to face facts and accepted the realities of life and the experiences and knowledge that unfolds. When I was out there I was living like an animal. I raced death head on. Death was closing in on me and everybody saw it, I saw it. In the streets you have to utilize the psychology of the concrete jungle. In the streets it’s game, and not jump-rope. I was taught well the art of war and survival. But it comes a time when you hit bottom and I had sunk to the very bottom. Everything was building up and the walls were closing in on me. I was trapped. After it’s all said and done you ask yourself, “Damn, why didn’t I see this shit coming?” Everything happens for a reason. And to tell the truth, I don’t know how I’m still alive to tell it all today. My mother used to always tell me, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” I plan to write about the black urban community. This life has taught me about who is who. The way I’ve been burnt I should have been ashes. But real men still shine in the dark.



Latoya was signed to PayroLl Publishing in 2013. She was born in Laurel, Maryland and moved to Detroit, Michigan when she was twelve. At the age of twenty nine she became a successful writer and makeup artist. She received her inspiration from her daughter. Her first book is titled BETWEEN THE THREE.



Hello, my name is Tymesha Clavon a woman who put her words into her work. I’ve been writing songs and stories, since I was in sixth grade. Inspired by my older brother, Calvin Cheairs is a wonderful man who continues to give me advice daily. This book is one of the many to get you thinking about the past. Couldn’t events have changed, if only we knew the true meaning?     
Please Enjoy!  


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